Ruth and Hannah – thanks for your work on the website.  I’m very pleased to see that we’re using it to share our ideas.  If anyone has any suggestions for continued improvement please let us know, or just go ahead and make the changes.

I’m wondering what everyone thinks about having a separate page for photographs.  On the one hand, it makes sense to have all our pictures together in one place.  On the other hand it might create an artificial distinction between visual documents and textual documents.  In my two experiences of traveling out to Scots Bluff, I found that a lot of my research questions and ideas were stimulated by what I was seeing.  Why was it Scotts Bluff, for example, which became famous, rather than other fairly similar features nearby?  Perhaps the best approach would be to post pictures to the photographs page in general.  But it would also be good to see photographs posted to the main home page when they are integrated with what we’re thinking about in the blog posts.  What do other people think?

2 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Adrian, I too have been pondering the best location for photographs on the site. The visual and psychological experience of migrants encountering this formation among others was so staggering for many emigrants that to exclude photographic or pictorial evidence would weaken our project here, I feel.

    I like your suggestion to include them, when applicable, with our general posts to the home page. I think these images, in tandem with traditional analyses, will really help provide a foundation for readers unfamiliar with the many diverse characteristics of the site, as well as the overland experience more broadly. In this way, I think its sometimes much easier to explain the differences between a Conestoga Wagon and a Murphy Wagon by simply showing it.

  2. I agree with both of you. We can create a photo slideshow on the photos page to share a lot of the media we are collecting, but I definitely agree that interspersing photographs with our posts would be very useful. I’m trying to do that with the progress reports page–inserting a photograph after each report. This is partly to break up all the text, but also to provide visual examples of the things we are discussing.

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