Legal Disclaimer

The Public Lands History Center (PLHC) at Colorado State University has created this website as an online forum to provide opportunities for public engagement and discussion on topics relevant to the history and use of Scotts Bluff National Monument. The PLHC wishes to facilitate open dialogue between project participants, the National Park Service, local stakeholders, community members, and the public at large.

Before contributing comments or information on this site, please read the following terms and conditions.

1. While all posts and page content on this website represents the PLHC and its research, comments and discussion threads on this site reflect the views of individual participants only and do not necessarily represent the views held by the PLHC.

2. Participants who post in the comments and discussion threads agree not to use any obscene or offensive language. This is a public forum and any profane, inaccurate, defamatory, false, inappropriate, threatening, or hateful material is not appropriate. Additionally, any material that infringes on a person’s privacy, violates copyright laws, encourages criminal conduct, or violates the law will not be tolerated. Advertising and solicitations are not permitted on this site. The PLHC reserves the right to remove all such content at any time and without your consent.

3. In order to keep comments and discussion focused on Scotts Bluff National Monument, the PLHC reserves the right to remove inappropriate or off topic material without notifying the contributor. While the PLHC does not moderate this site in real time, it will make every effort to remove all inappropriate and off topic material in a timely manner.

4. Although the PLHC reserves the right to moderate and remove comments and discussions for appropriateness and relevancy, you alone are solely responsible for the content you post, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the PLHC with respect to the content of your posts.

5. The PLHC is not responsible for comments and discussions posted on this site and does not vouch for their accuracy, completeness, or usefulness. The PLHC assumes no responsibility for other webpages or resources linked to within your comments and discussions.

6. Exercise your best judgement in what you post on this website. Please confirm that the information you are sharing is accurate and relevant before posting it. Please do not post copyrighted information to this site if you do not own the copyright.

7. This website is a public forum and the PLHC reserves the right to collect, document, cite, and quote all comments, discussions, and messages posted to this site. Your submissions are considered the property of the PLHC to do with as it pleases in the interest of furthering the historical knowledge of Scotts Bluff National Monument. When you submit material on this site, you are agreeing that the PLHC has the right to use and publish the material as it sees fit. If you do not wish to have your comments collected, documented, and cited in other forms, including but not limited to, written correspondence, reports, spreadsheets, and published materials, please consider not sharing publicly on this site. The PLHC will respect any person’s desire to post anonymously or under a username other than their given name.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer and how we use material posted on this site, please contact us.

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