As the Public Lands History Center team continues to put together our research and writing for the Scotts Bluff project, we welcome having you check out what we have been up to!


News Updates: Periodically, we will have fresh news on site visits, project milestones, and other noteworthy information on the project that we would love our site visitors and the Scotts Bluff community to know about. Read our most recent news updates here.

Progress Reports: Every two weeks, our researchers write progress reports to share with the team and the PI’s what they have been working on. You can find our past progress reports here.

Bibliography: We have put together a master bibliography of the sources we are using in writing our essay chapters. You can view that document here.

Chronology: To get a sweeping overview of the history of Scotts Bluff, visit our chronology/timeline here.

Primary Sources: As more information is added, we will also soon be posting a link to our primary source database.





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